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Whistling Yo-yo: Image

In Spring 2018, I collaborated on a team with 5 other students to create a new kind of yo-yo. Our original concept was a yo-yo that whistles when you spin it. Although the whistling was not effective, after many design iterations we made 50 functional yo-yos. These yo-yos were created for the MIT class Design and Manufacturing II with André Jooste, Bailey Tregoning, James Li, Richard Huizar, and Sarah Bardin.

The final yo-yo had 5 parts on each side. All parts were injection molded, except the clear covering, which was thermoformed. The design included two press-fits. One was for the ring connection to the base, which kept the clear cover in place, and the other was where the cap attached to the base, which kept the turbine blades in place. The tolerance for the connection of the turbine blades was designed so that the blades spun as you yo-yo-ed. 

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