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Infect It is a board game that pseudo-simulates how viruses and bacteria infect the body. It was group project created over the course of a semester after several stages of prototyping and play-testing at the Boston Children’s Museum. Team members include Asli Demir, Jon Coden, Kyra Post, Malik Coville, and Melinda Szabo.


In Infect It, players move around the board playing in either the virus, bacteria, or tumor category. Within that category, they are assigned a specific disease to play as. All players start at the same place and roll either a 4, 6, or 9 sided die depending on which category they are in. This difference in speed is meant to mimic the rate at which these diseases progress in real life. 

As players make their way around the board, they can place 'infection points' on organs when they land on them. Depending on which category someone's disease is in, the number of infection points they can place place on an organ changes. Infection points build up on organs as the game progresses until they reach a set capacity, at which point they are taken out of the game and given to whichever player had the most infection points on it. The game is over when all the organs have been captured.

For more information about 2.00b, check out the class website here. For more of Asli’s work, and details about the graphic design and silicone molding done for Infect It, see her portfolio here.

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