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BioMusic is a wearable interface that allows users to express changes in arousal through music. This could be helpful in various social situations - it expresses changes in bio data to those around you, which would otherwise be imperceivable to people other than yourself. Users can also record their experiences in the form of music for playback at a later time, serving as a memento of their experience. It could also be worn by someone performing (like a dancer), and it will generate bio-music that changes as they move.

The glove also gives haptic feedback in the form of vibration when your bio-data reaches extremes, which can inform your own movement and actions. 

This prototype was created as a part of Hiroshi Ishii's Tangible Interfaces class at the MIT Media Lab in Fall 2019. It was a group project completed with Leticia Izquierdo, Ethan Carlson, Kai Gao, and David Gil.

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